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Philosophy of the NHTD Waiver and NHTD Waiver Criteria

The NHTD Medicaid waiver was developed based on the philosophy that individuals with disabilities and/or seniors have the same rights as others. This includes the right to be in control of their lives, encounter and manage risks and learn from their experiences. This is balanced with the waiver program’s responsibility to assure the waiver participants’ health and welfare.

Waiver services are provided based on the participant’s unique strengths, needs, choices and goals. The individual is the primary decision-maker and works in cooperation with providers to develop a Service Plan. This process leads to personal empowerment, increased independence, greater community inclusion, self-reliance and meaningful productive activities. Waiver participant satisfaction is a significant measure of success of the NHTD waiver.

NHTD Waiver Criteria

An individual applying to participate in the waiver must meet all of the following criteria in order to be approved for the NHTD waiver:

1. Be a recipient of Medicaid coverage that supports community-based long-term care services.

2. Be between age 18 and 64 with a physical disability, or age 65 and older upon application to the waiver.

3. Be assessed to need a nursing home level of care.