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OPWDD Broker Services

Individuals who are receiving OPWDD services that want to be more independent and have a larger role in the services and staff that that support them could be eligible for Support Broker services.  This service is designed to assist individuals with Development Disabilities to self direct their lives and their services.

Start-Up Broker

  • Facilitates person centered planning (if not already developed)
  • Assists the individual in design of the self directed plan
  • Provides technical support to participant to develop plan and budget
  • Completes CSS Plan/Budget document
  • Teaches and supports individual, family and Circle of Support (COS) to understand responsibilities in self direction

Support Broker

  • Assists in implementation and maintenance of self directed plan
  • Teaches and supports individual, family and Circle of Support to understand responsibilities in self direction
  • Facilitates changes to plan and budget as requested

The functions that these brokers perform are as follows:

  • Revisit Person Centered Planning on a regular basis or as changes occur
  • Problem solve Circle of Support issues and challenges
  • Assist with restructuring of Circle of Support if needed
  •  Facilitate discussions of risks and safeguards
  • Assist participant and Circle of Support with self directed language and information as needed, e.g., writing job descriptions
  • Reinforce RESPONSIBILITY as the cornerstone of self directed services
  •  Stay informed about what’s current in self directed options
  • Assist with recruitment, hiring, training  and management of self hired staff as requested
  • Teach participant and Circle of Support about OPWDD system, waiver services and other alternatives in self direction
  • Support the self directed nature of the plan
  • Identify potential conflicts of interest